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Moon Eyes - Port-O-Wall - White Motorcycle Ribbon

Moon Eyes - Port-O-Wall - White Motorcycle Ribbon

€ 25,00Prezzo
  • The easy and inexpensive alternative to finding those perfect white walls for your vintage bike! MOONEYES USA / ATLAS now carries the same simulated white wall toppers that our customers have been using on their cars since the fifties. We now carry motorcycle PORT-O-WALLS to fit bike rims from 10" to 19".

  • These are easy to install, just place them between your rim and your flattened tire, add air and your done!!This is the perfect addition to that Vintage bike or just old school style bike your building. Depending on your tire size, most of these will give your bike about a one-inch white wall stripe between the rim and tire

  • Sold in Pairs (2 pcs)


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